Driving Vehicle While Child in Lap Fine in Saudi Arabia

Any person caught while driving with child in his lap can face fine from SR150 to SR300 according to Col. Tariq Al Rubaiaan spokesman of Traffic Department.

Driving with kid in your lap is a risky way to drive and severely dangerous for child life as well as others. This is totally a violation of Traffic Laws. Those who commit the offence again may face Traffic Court and given with more harder punishments.

He also warned that children having age less than 10 year are strictly not allowed to sit in front seats.

There are some 18 major changes in Saudi Arabia Traffic laws were introduced last year 2016 in October in which:

SR 1000 to 2000 fine is introduced for stopping vehicle on Railway track

SR 3000 to 6000 Fine for crossing red light.

SR 3000 to 6000 fine for using illegal number plates

SR 5000 to SR 10000 fine with vehicle seizure in case driving under influence of Alcohol or drugs.

Last some more new amendment were introduced including for stunt driving with whooping fine if SR 20000 to SR 60,000. These amendments were included in Traffic laws last year 2016 in August.