Civil ID Renewal will be Blocked for Some Workers

Expatriates consists of more than 70% of total population living in Kuwait, to lower this demographic imbalance Kuwait is now coming forward to take some hard measures. But don’t be afraid the step is taken only for marginal worker and those unable to secure any job.

H.E. MRS. HIND SUBAIH BARRAK AL-SUBAIH Minister of Social Affairs and Labour  said that planning is ongoing to make reforms in regulations of labour market and remove foreign workers having no job, illegal and marginal workers and those who were unable to secure any employment.

These measures aimed not to reduce number of expatriates but to protect workers from vulnerable situation as unemployed worker will starts to work illegally and sometimes end up in the hand of Bad people.Kuwaiti daily Al Anba on Tuesday.

Regulations for Companies:

New Regulations are not limited to expatriates but are also for companies owners who use illegal means to hire cheap foreign workers, which is same as human trafficking.

Any Kuwaiti citizen if proved that hiring illegal workers has to face suspension of license to issue worker permits, financial penalties after the investigation done by General Directorate of Investigations.

Two thirds of Kuwait population made up of expatriates mainly foreign unskilled labours working as domestic help and construction workers. Kuwait gov is trying to reduce the imbalance by overhauling the labour market system.

Kuwaiti daily Al Anba
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