Check Print and Confirm Hajj 2017 Tasreeh Permit Online

Saudi Ministry of Hajj provides online way to apply and select Hajj package, it also lets applicant to check his Haj permit Tasreeh as in Saudi Arabia agent sell fake services to ordinary people such as giving them Fake Tasreeh and at the time of Hajj many Saudi’s caught handling fake Tasreeh hence could face severe penalties and legal action. Severe Actions were also taken for those who didn’t have Tasreeh and tries to enter with other Hajj pilgrims. Saudi Government tries to limit the people entering in Medina Makkah for Haj for many reasons such thing was happens in 2015 when stampede take away many pilgrims life and many of them  displaced in Saudi Arabia.

How to Check and Print Hajj Tasreeh

Well the first thing is to first apply for hajj Saudi Government provide online way to select the hajj package and than apply for Hajj. Once applicant applied and fill the application successfully. applicant will be given with IBAN bank account number where he/she deposit the amount. After few days you again see the status on Local Hajj portal if it says “PAID” than you need to wait for few more days in order to Print Tasreeh.

  1. Enter in to the official website of Ministry of Interior If the site language is in Arabic change it to English.
  2. Now from the menu hover your cursor at electronic inquires a new drop down list open from which click on Hajj Permit. A new menu opened at which click on Inquiry about Haj permitPrint Confirm Hajj Tasreeh Online
  3. Now a new window will opened with several empty boxes. Enter Iqama number of applicant as well as Date of birth mentioned on Applicant iqama enter the captcha code Click on Check Hajj Permit StatusCheck Hajj Permit Online
  4. At the end new window will be opened with Hajj permit and name of Agent with whom the applicant has valid hajj permit. This show that your permit is successful entered in MOI Database and it is Valid/genuine. Click on Print button to print your hajj permit.

After Download the hajj permit 2017 1438 keep it with yourself while performing hajj locally from saudi arabia