Check HUROOB Status On MOI

huroob status on

Huroob a word means meaning same as hell as those who were called as Huroob faces many legal restrictions from government of Saudi Arabia. Huroob are usually those persons who were working in Saudi Arabia and flea from their work without telling his sponsor. His sponsor gave the name of worker to MOI or MOL Saudi Arabia and authorties put worker’s name in Huroob list. Huroob literally means an absconder, I previously discuss about the huroob person in detail. Basically every sponsor and worker signs a mutual understanding or agreement at the time of employment on breaking those agreement points by worker means that he is a huroob. But in many cases sponsor who do not fullfil needs of worker in according to the laws of ministry of labour tries to punish labourer or worker with the help of huroob law.

Most of the workers who flea from their company or sponsor don’t even knows that he is become an huroob but there are ways from which he may tell whether he is now huroob or not.

Check Huroob Status on MOL

Firstly these methods are not official to check huroob status but these procedure can give some strong indication that you become Huroob or not.

1. Visit official website of MOL Ministry of Labour KSA websiteCheck status of huroob on MOL
2. Type IQAMA/Muqeem card number in second field
3. If the result is just like below screenshot than may be it is 100% sure that your kafeel/sponsor put you in huroob.huroob status result

Check Huroob Status on

Another way of huroob status confirmation is through Ministry of interior website which also a most used ways but remeber that this also an unofficial method to check your huroob status. Let check it out

  1. Go to the website
  2. Under Electronic Inquiries Click on MOI Diwan
  3. Then go to Public Query Available Funds
  4. Enter you iqama number in first box and image code in second box
  5. Now click on View button
  6.  If you get this message Public Query Available Fund Failed, the ID is Invalid means that you are a huroob.
  7. See the below video which shows you step by step guide to check huroob status on MOI

Who can remove huroob?

This is true that sponsor/kafeel is an only person who can remove huroob status from your shoulders. If your sponsor has wide heart go and ask him for huroob removal and must ask your sponsor the reason behind huroob and how long it takes to complete. In any case must consult your embassy as in some cases embassy may help you in many ways as I tell you above that sponsor use huroob to hide their illegal things against his workers.