Award for Workers If Illegally Terminated by Employer

Employer terminates employee they do so due to some reasons but what happens in Oman is really opposite, an employer how illegally terminated his employee have to give OMR 27,598 as an award to his employee.

Times of Oman: Actually the worker join the company recently in the month of sep 2016. After few months of his service he is terminated by giving the reason of economic conditions by company but according to labor law this is illegal. Employee approaches the Ministry of Manpower  file a complaint against his employer. To settle the matter employer must have to pay OMR27,598 to employee.

Only in month of September 2016 OMR 38,000 was paid to Omanis and expatriates workers as a compensation to settle the labor dispute between employer and employees.

Last year 2015 total compensation paid is OMR 238,000 on different kinds of labor disputes. From it the largest compensation is 22,000.

According to a trade union leader, due to economic conditions of Oman, labor disputes are increasing.

Falling oil prices are major problem for most of gulf countries as most of the countries were rely only on oil to boost their revenues but recent fall of oil prices lets gulf countries to make the structure for non-oil revenues.
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