Apply For Hajj Jobs Using Ajeer

Ajeer is E-Human Resource Hiring Service which is revealed by  Ministry of Labor and Social Development during haj season. This service allows to recruit temporary staff during hajj season.

During hajj season work at Makkah and Madinah is at peak and there is huge demand of workers in different categories, this service create balance of demand and supply of Jobs.

The portal is another best use if Technology which bring recruiters/employers close to job seekers. These  recruiters/employers are those who supply workforce at Makkah Madinah during the time of hajj. These jobs are given to both expatriates having valid Iqama(Resident Permit) and Saudi Nationalists.

Ahmed Kattan, deputy minister for labor policies of the ministry the portal for temporary jobs in Haj can be accessed via the link:

بوابة العمل المؤقت في موسم الحج

The ministry has allocated the client service telephone number 920002866 in ‘Ajeer Portal’.

ajeer temporary job contract

So what is the procedure behind this portal, when a company owner or employer visits above link he could post vacant vacancies during haj season in response those persons who want to get the job, first see all the requirement than apply for the job.

The portal provides only details about contract/temporary jobs also there are some conditions to apply for jobs such as the applicant should have performed Haj before, whether he is a Saudi National or expatriate.

Expatriate applicant should be on the job in a registered firm or he should be accompanying or is a member of one of the communities.
The portal mainly gives benefits to worker within kingdom hence making no reliance on Abroad workers. The contract were in electronic forms and contract would be signed between Haj companies and workers.

Over 15,000 regular and seasonal workers, apart from workers assigned in cleaning, maintenance and operation tasks in order to carry out haj plan 2016 the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.