Al Shobra Jeddah Garment Shop Head Office Location

Garments are the main item in every shopping bag of women or men. People all around the world visit jeddah and its shopping points and usually buy garments. Al Shobra Jeddah is one of the many shopping stores which provides the great quantity of shopping pleasure to its visitors with affordable prizes lets see what Al Shobra Provides to its Visitors. Its Main shopping Store is located at one of the central location of Jeddah Just near the roundabout of King Fahad Road and Prince Saud Al Faisal.

Shobra provides range of most affordable, quality and reliable multi brand garment and fashions items. Shobra is also considered as one of the largest shopping place for garments in Jeddah. The shopping accessories includes casuals, formals, sporty for men, women, and children.

Shobra constantly delivering its shopping services in other countries of GCC. Shobra is one the top choice for buying garment and shoes.

Al Shobra Aims is to provide customers access to better stores with quality prodects in them. Shobra staff provides full care to its customers and considers them in their local cummunity. Shobra updates is customer to latest fashion trends not only in GCC but from whole world.

Women are always fashion trendy so Shobra provides amazing categories of Women wear such as fashionable/trendy dresses, undergarments, skirts, jackets and much more as womens have non-stop shopping activity so alshobra provides a non ending collection of all items. You can get new shoes of fashion or sports category.

Head Office Location Jeddah:

Address: شبرا جده Prince Saud Al Faisal, Al Faisaliyah, Jeddah 23445 Near the Main Road King Fahad Road