Al rajhi Bank account consists of more branches than any other branches of banks in Saudi Arabia This bank is considered as traditional bank for opening bank account in Saudi Arabia. It provides current account with no offer of profit Al rajhi also offers Affluent Account, Private Account, Ladies Account. Al Rajhi also provides modern ways Phone Banking Online Banking Mobile Banking Branches and ATM.Other Al Rajhi services includes car finace, home finance, takaful and credit cards. AL Rajhi is a Oldest bank of Saudi Arabia which gives him a huge customer base and people of remote area like farmers also considered Al Rajhi Banks. Al rajhi receives huge amount of new bank account in Saudi Arabia from expatriates and Saudi Residents due to which it become normal that anyone who visit branch to open bank account they refuse to open account by giving status of System is not Working.

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Most comments you read on internet about Customer Service mostly people are not happy Its credit Card could only be beneficial for expatriate if his employer name is included in approved list of Al Rajhi bank. Account Holder use ATM for Cash withdrawal with lowest charges of SAR 15 using credit card.

How to Open New Bank Account at Al Rajhi:

  1. To open Bank account visit Directly any nearest branch of Al Rajhi Bank  in Your area Otherwise go to this link to fill the details about your new bank account online.
  2. At the end of filing application they give you a reference number with other details Print Them on paper and that visit the nearest Branch.
  3. While entering the bank take the token slip for New Account or Sales after than wait for your turn.
  4. Now upon your turn present following document to Staff Person.

Reference number
Valid ID (National Identity Card or Family Registration Card for Saudis, Iqama or passport for non-Saudis)
Copy of Passport
Address in KSA and Home Country
Your Mobile Number

Letter for Opening Bank Account in Saudi Arabia
Sample Letter

Letter of Introduction From Employer containing following items:

Full Name as per Iqama
Iqama Number
Profession as per Iqama
Date of Joining to the Company
Gross Salary monthly

The letter is must be attested form Chamber of Commerce where employer is registered

5. Now at after this they Ask you several questions as a part of creating a New account

6. Along with questions and checking of your document Bank provided you with IBAN number. First three digits of this number consists of Branch code while IBAN is major number that is used for every transactiion.

7. Once you got IBAN number you need atm card. To get ATM card submit money in your newly made account the amount may different now but in my knowledge it is SAR 75.

6. Now after depositing of fee go to staff member and ask them for ATM card after which they tell you whole procedure of getting new ATM.

7. At last when you got your ATM card got to ATM machine in nearest branch and change your PIN code as the code is given by staff member it is better to change it as soon as possible.

8. To enter mobile number ” Re insert the card and Click on Other Operations” where go to enter mobile number in order to register you number with ATM card of Al rajhi.

9. For making online banking account you need to go back again to Bank branch and ask them for new Online bank account form fill it and get details of new online banking account of Al Rajhi.