6 Steps to Transfer Money Through Enjaz Center

Enjaz Service by Bank Albilad is well know in Saudi Arabia for sending remittances to home countries by foreigners. Enjaz Money Transfer Facility is one the best and easy to use with well exchange rates. Enjaz echange rate are different from other market holders and provide great adavantage to those who transferring money through Enjaz. Expatriates can save money while tranferring through enjaz as their exchange rates are cheaper for countries from where most of Saudi Expatriates belongs. If you are a new or just recently get to know about Enjaz service than follow the below 7 steps to send money through Bank Albilad Enjaz.

  1. The first thing expatriate need to do is registering an Account with Bank Albilad Enjaz Remittance service. For this take your Muqeem Card(IQAMA) and Visit Nearest Enjaz Center.
  2. Once Enjaz Banking Service Account is registered expatriate can transfer money to any country by giving details about receiver Bank Account. Must take Enjaz Service Card and iqama with yourself while transferring of Money.
  3. Transferring money to home country cost you certain fees which are called Enjaz Bank Exchange Rate this will charged to convert Saudi Riyal to Home country Currency. These Exchange rate are different for countries some may.
  4. After giving money at Enjaz Center it take one to two working days for transfer of money to home country. While transferring be sure to get receipt in case of any malfunction in transfer of money you can claim back with the receipt.
  5. Enjaz Service Center Timing: Open for 12 hours a days from 8am to 8pm and 1am to 1pm during Friday and Ramadan days, timing may not same on all enjaz centers.
  6. Bank Albilad Enjaz Service allows to transfer money local from one enjaz center to other where receiver can receive money.

Features of Bank Albilad Enjaz Service:

Enjaz service is well established from Bank AlBilad providing easy money transfer services to expatriates they can send money to cash on bank counter, credit to bank transfer, cash on delivery.

Drafts can be made in Saudi Riyals and International Currencies.

Western Union Exchange center is linked with enjaz centers through which anyone can transfer money to its home country just by giving the receiver name or identification. Enjaz will give MTCN number through which receiver can get his money from western Union Counter.