4 Steps Require for Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia

After Final Exit from Saudi Arabia people may directly go to their Home but in some cases expats who got jobs in other developed countries like European Countries, UK, USA, Australia or Canada while staying in Saudi Arabia they most required to make Police Clearance Certificate even if you’er in home country like India or Pakistan you still required this certificate in order to travel toward these countries. Even if you didn’t going to these countries it always better to clear yourself while making Police Clearance Certificate.

Police clearance Certificate fro Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam Khobar

The procedure to obtain Police Certificate is different while you staying in Saudi Arabia if you exit on Final Visa than the procedure is different. Always tries to make it before final exit if you exit and ask anyone else to do the procedure than it required so much time and stress due to government procedures.police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia

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Steps Required to Obtain Police Clearance Certificate while staying in SAudi Arabia:

Step 1: Making of Letter of Endorsement: To get this letter first contact your home country embassy or visit directly and ask them to give application for obtaining Letter of Endorsement. Attach copy of iqama Submit fee fill the application and Submit. After submission wait for few week usually 2 to 3 weeks after that visit the embassy and get your letter of Endorsement.

Step 2: Take  Letter of Endorsement and Visit MOFA along with copy of Iqama and Passport. Ask them to give form and after getting the Form Fill it attach  Letter of Endorsement with form, Iqama and Passport. Submit it along with fee of sr 100. Mofa himself attest your  Letter of Endorsement and give you back.

Step 3: Visit Police Station along with documents(attested endorsement letter, Iqama and passport photocopies) . Take your GR Officer with yourself also your finger prints must be registered on MOI As police check your identity on Ministry of Interior database. Check Your Fingerprint Enrollment Status on Absher Account.

Step 4: Police Station officers gives you a date to collect Police Clearance certificate. Try to visit the Police station after 3 days of Given date as the processing takes time and you may face time wastage while visiting on same date provided by Police officers. After successfully obtaining Certificate translate it to English.
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