4 Steps For Degree Attestation From India For Saudi Arabia

Job seekers or Applicants of India who attest degrees for local use not required to do several difficult attestations. But to those who going to Saudi Arabia and any other country for work they need extra certifications. Although the process of degree attestation for Saudi Arabia is same for every country with only few differences usually developed countries like UK and USA didn’t need to go through extra attestations.


Main Procedure of Degree Attestation for Saudi Arabia

Step 1: 

First the degree is must be attested from institute itself who issue the degree. Other attestations includes:

Attestation from Education department

Attestation from ministry of external affairs

Notary Attestation(Not for all States)

All above Attestation done from  secretariat in the capital of the state.

After that Visit  Saudi Culture Attache

Step 2:

SACA Sends the copies of Degrees to University for verification(Time consuming Process)

Step 3:

This verification must be clearly mentioned the type of degree whether it is a regular or distant learning degree.

Step 4:

After attaching all other documents, you have to submit them to Saudi cultural attaché, the process may take 14 to 21 days

The document must be included with offer letter or Original Job contract which is attest by Saudi Chamber of commerce and MOFA

Chamber of Commerce And MOFA Attestation in Saudi Arabia


1. Is I Have to Visit MEA in Maharashtra and madhya pradesh :

You have to send it to Delhi for attestation

2. Other Than Delhi Where MEA Offices where Available?

Ministry of External Affairs is available in 5 cities in India, including Hyderabad (others cities are Chennai, Kolkata and Guwahati) and Delhi

3. Which states citizens attest degrees from Hyderabad?

Karnataka, Telangana and andhra pradesh attest their degrees from Hyderabad

4. Which states not required Notary Attestation?

Those from Bhopal madhya pradesh did not required Notary attestation.