Check Eligibility for Performing Local Hajj 2019

In Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj several rules were made, only those persons now perform Hajj who are eligible. If you wish to perform local Hajj this year 2019 and want to check if you are eligible or not then read the method in order to verify your eligibility. Must keep in mind this process is only for those who hold muqeem cards(iqama) or having a residence in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Nationals.

Rules of Eligibility of Hajj:

1. If you are a Saudi Resident/National/expat after performing Hajj, you cannot perform Hajj for five years after. Means than if you perform hajj in 1431 hijri then you would be eligible for next hajj on 1437 hijri.
2. However, if you perform Hajj when you are single and on next year you get married than you will be able to perform Hajj without waiting for five years.
3. In order to Perform Hajj, performer required to get legal Hajj Permit Known as Tasreeh you can check now What happened if your perform hajj without permit.

How to Check Hajj Eligibility on MOI: 

As I told you above that you cannot perform Hajj for 5 years after you first perform hajj for example in case you perform hajj in 1432 hijri and after that you get married and now your status is must be changed in Jawazat from single to married after making changes in your personal information at Jawazat you want to know whether you could eligible to perform HAJJ or Not. Follow the below screenshots of taken from to check hajj eligibility in Saudi Arabia.
  • Go to this link of ministry of interior KSA: Query Hajj Eligibility Online
  • Change the language of website to English from left top corner if you don’t know Arabic
  • There are several Tabs visible in Green color at top of the moi website Hover on “Electronic Inquiries Tab”

moi hajj eligibility check

  • From Civil  Affairs select “Public Query Hajj Eligibility
  • After that complete and fill the “Identity Number(Iqama Number) and Image code

moi hajj permit eligibility check

  • Now a green color text will be shown after the result. If you’re allowed to perform hajj than the text clearly show”Eligible to do Hajj this Year”.