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King Salman Complex For Prophet’s Hadith

In order to eradicate promotion of acts of violence and terrorism through the false interpretation of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) sayings and teaching, King Salman Complex for Prophet’s Hadith will be established.

The decree given by king Salaman asks authorities to research the use of Hadith (which means account of actions, saying and habits of prophet (peace be upon him).

the Culture and Information Ministry says that the complex aim is to cut out any fake, violent and extremist texts which is opposite to teaching of Islam, which were used by terrorists to promote their acts.

Sheikh Mohammad bin Hassan al-sheikh appointed as chairman of the king Salman Complex for Prophet’s Hadith.

Complex would have council of the world elite scholars of hadith specializing in: Collecting, classifying and vetting the authenticity of a certain hadith.

  • Mohammad Shahzad

    It’s very good decision
    I like and love ❤️ it
    But Saudi Arabia allow women driving
    It’s not good decision
    It’s not Right for women
    Women driving not good for women safety and others
    Saudi Arabia open door of increasing crime
    It’s ban
    It’s not good for women
    Some work better for women safety or not all
    I know it’ll not understand now
    Much more crime increase after understand
    I think Women shouldn’t choose Shoura council members
    It’s not good for Saudi Arabia


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