6 Steps Procedure to Apply For Qatar Family Visit Visa

Every expat living in Qatar if having profession eligible could bring his family in to Qatar on Two category visa one is a Short term Visa called Visit Visa and another one is permanent or long term visa called residence family visa. Family visit visa in Qatar is valid for One month but anyone if have money could extend the visa up to six months but only close relatives could get six month extension also in case of extension family must have to go through medical examination in Qatar. Two months extension is allowed only for second degree relatives. Family visa is a complex process and sponsor ( which is a person who is bringing his family in Qatar) must have good accommodation facilities as well as must be getting Good Salary from his company.  The new rule mandates that a minimum salary of QR10,000 is a must to bring in their families to Qatar. Earlier, the minimum salary requirement was QR7000 per month. Also male children must be below the age of 25 but there is no age restriction on daughters but daughter must be unmarried.qatar family visa application

Require things for family visit visa:

Copy of Passport and Visa Page

Qatar ID Copy

Salary letter for Employer in Qatar

Copy of marriage and / or birth certificate

At least Eight passport size photographs of each dependent

Proof of rental lease and accommodation in Qatar

How to Apply for Family Visit Visa:

  1. First this is obtain the Family Visa Application form from typing centers at immigration department or download it online from here. The Application from is in arabic
  2. Attach a copy of your Qatar ID with copy of valid visa page and passport
  3. Attach a letter from your employer which states your salary, profession and position in Qatar
  4. As a proof of relationship with your family you need marriage certificates and birth certificate
  5. Provide proof of rental lease and accommodation in Qatar. Also in case if the lease is on your spouse name than must give the proof of relationship with spouse.
  6. Now take all these required documents with filled application form and submit them at immigration department. After that wait for approval of your application.


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  1. Im in abudabhie, my family want to send me a family visa from qatar.. What are the requirements i will submit.. Need passport cancelation?

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