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SR 100,000 fine For Weekend Rule Violation

Saudi Labor law suggest annual leave for every individual employee working in Saudi Arabia but in case that company is cutting employee weekend leave and counting them as annual leave than this is a violation of Saudi Labor law and have to pay fine up to SR100,000.

According to Saudi Labor Law annual leave and weekend leave is separate entity and employers/sponsors not allowed to count weekend leaves as annual or annual as weekend leaves.

Why this happened? Usually employees in Saudi Arabia didn’t have any knowledge about their labor rights in Saudi Arabia Hence employers uses their lack of knowledge as advantage and tell them that if you get weekend leaves that these leave may cut from your annual 21 days leaves.

Also both annual and weekends leaves are paid leaves in case employers also cut salary in exchange of these leaves than this is another violation of labor laws. Employer/companies violates this to get financial benefit but sometimes they want extra input from employee without even paying them more.

These fines are not final and MOL saudi Arabia may increase or decrease with scope of violation comitted by companies/employers. Also in case of late payment or not paying fines company may shut down for 30 days or the fine will be double.weekend rule violation in saudi arabia

  • Rasheed Akhtar

    Please update me for all new and old informations about labour laws.thanks

    • Khurram Shahzad

      Thanks for commenting: I Try my best to keep you updated about Saudi Labor Laws

  • Rahman

    Thanks to Saudi Government for this such a great and positive step and favour to foreigners. I hoping this will be implemented 100% to everyone. Thanks a lotttttt KSA GOV.

  • Nahamya Oliver

    Ever since I started working I have never had any leave. Yet an being paid very small amount of money that 800SR . I work for over 6 people in a house and I do all the house work alone.

    • Abdullah

      I wish your case gets noticed and solved. Please actively pursue this. The only person that can stop your situation is you.

      Hope the very best for you.

  • enid

    I guessed this only for saudi people …foreigners are not accounted to it…just like al abeer medical center…we r even paying for our visa and iqama …and working 6 days a week after 2 yrs vacation….but did someone help us we go to saudi labor office no one entertain us or even bother to ask why we r there..they just give paper to fill up…abd sent u home…

  • Many thanks Saudi Arabia Government,hopefully that be applied 100% I believe that your country is best place to leave ” Place of Massangers – Holy Lands” appreciated you great afford toward expats.

    May Allah Bless Custodian of Two Holy Mosque & Saudi Arabia .

  • louie maglalang

    Hope that the MOL will implement this properly. CORAL PLAZA AL AHSA HOTEL MANAGEMENT didn’t follow any of this rule. We are hoping that the MOL will personally visit and conduct inspections in this company. And we are hopin that this clips are not just a raw statement posted in this web nor we need an immediate actions pertinent to our main concerns. Any help extended given by the MOL will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • reno ian B.orendain

    sir/ma’am ,can I ask ? I’m working on time and complete attendance at my work but this last october 2016 my manager he cut my salary sr.156 .Until now I didn’t get my cut salary to them, I always follow up but they didn’t reply me.

  • Sir i am working in a company from last 6years but the company had make system for employees he gives annual leave after 3 years & no emergency leave if I have to go back in 2 years he did not give return ticket & already they have my 2month salary also &after my iqama is expair then he make exit after exit he take one month extra work so in these what can I do

  • Sahil khan

    What is the procedure of kafala ??How can we use this facility,,and how we can find out whether our eqama is transferable or not?? If company is not giving then what can we do??

  • A.a me i’have a proble i’dont hava iqama or pport but i’gave pport number. N i’need a sponser so howll i’ gate help here plz thanks in adn’s

  • Zameer Sayyed

    This rule benefit domestic workers also?

  • Azeem

    Is this true ?? And if it is true then does Employee working in Kaust gets the same benefit and treatment as others ?? Coz in here they have different rules .. I am working here as a yoga instructor inside kaust for coastline company a contractor company for recreational purposes the company is not allowing us any paid leave once In a year and neither they are willing to pay for our travel . We can only take paid leaves after 2 years of completion of contract with the company then only they will provide us the travel back home .. also we do not have weekends leave here as coastline policy . We are allowed to take 1 day off as our weekly holiday .. can anyone help me through all this ?? Whom should I write to and will it go against me ??

    • Azeem

      My contract is for 2 years without any paid leave when I asked why m I not allowed for paid leave they said u can take leaves which is not paid leave and I only have to bare the cost to go home n return back

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