About Us

A blog for expats and people living working in Gulf countries of UAE, QATAR, Oman, Saudi Arab, Bahrain. We all love our countries where we born and raise but in some situation we must have to move to other countries many people do this to improve their way of living but most of us move towards developed countries due to the most true reason that is for financial stability. Gulf is a major hub for expatriates as gulf has very low population and many of people were hired their for work purposes. As most of Gulf countries were Islamic and mostly their laws were governed by Islamic Laws so their is expats have very less knowledge of those laws as their countries are mostly democratic e.g india, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. But apart of that expats face more difficulties regarding their visa and passports. Gulf countries are modern with very High GDB rates these countries introduced many new services which were usully known as E-Systems providing knowledge of how to use these e-systems is primary objective of my website. My site Arabian Gulf Life clear you mind and provide all necessary information of latest laws regarding any category such as traffic laws, crime punishments, visa processing, stamping, daily life of Gulf countries, impacts of changes on expats of Gulf. In simple words we provide all news about Gulf Countries.