Women Only Telecom Complex of 40 Stores in Riyadh

Women Telecom complex riyadh

Taking in view of Importance of Women employment Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Development officially launches first women only telecom complex in Ghurnatah, eastern Riyadh. This complex only enable for women and have only Saudi women employees totally 100 percent, this complex provide fully design facilities suitable for women and the services are well integrated just like any other telecom complex.

40 stores and shops were build in this complex which gives services such as mobile phones sale purchase, mobile accessories, women’s accessories and foodstuff. This complex loaded with buses ferry that pick and drop women worker and investors to this complex.

Adviser to the minister of labor and social development and general supervisor of the localization program, Ibrahim Al-Shafi, and Ministry Undersecretary for Special Programs Abdulmunim Al-Shihri attended the opening ceremony.

Women in Telecom sector in SAudi Arabia
Image Source wirelessarabia.net

Al Shafi gives summary of services facilities and incentives to women investors all of these services were provided by Saudi Gov to investors. Some if the services includes:

Including free training programs

Supporting salaries and funding loans

Signing agreements with telecom mega-firms in providing free consultancy services.

Al-Shihri says that ministry is fully support  for businessmen concerned with the establishment of women’s telecom and continue this support in future. These complexes increase the rate of localization hence create more employment opportunities from Saudi Women.

Source: ArabNews