White Friday 70% Percent Discount on Souq Saudi Arabia

Its time for White Friday in Saudi Arabia yes, some if you may don’t know about these names but most of you probably heard of Black Fridays. Black Friday is a marketing or sales concept usually implemented by Online E commerce websites to boost up their sales which is not only beneficial for company but its also provides amazing discounts to customers.

The concept is actually Created in USA but now it is spreads all around the world, many middle eastern countries including Saudi Arabia has these kinds of events every year. Western countries launches these events during last Friday of November due to up coming Christmas, to give their customers an extra room for shopping more and more. 

Online shopping boom in many South Asian countries also take them to organize these events, these sales events now common in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

In Saudi Arabia all of you know about Souq.com which is a common online shopping point for many Saudis and Expatriates. From this Friday many companies announced amazing discounts on every brand. There are many other stores were providing discounts but on Souq.com white Friday it is totally different.

Like Last years, KSA souq.com is offering amazing flat 70% percent discount on their products. The products have maximum discount of 70% so on some products the discount might be less. Every product ranging from fashion, clothing, lifestyle, electronics, automotive, decorations, home/kitchen, watches, android tablets, mobiles phone and many more.

To get more information regarding Must Visit Souq.com official Website. The White Fridays sale is from 23rd November to 26th November so don’t miss the opportunity as this is only few shopping events in years and you have to wait for one year if you miss the event today.

Here are some of Highlights of White Friday