WhatsApp: New Video Calling feature

Video calls have come to WhatsApp , but not all devices. Do you want to enjoy this option before anyone else? You will have to follow several steps to activate this service on your smartphone.
After the arrival of motion pictures , GIFs, WhatsApp incorporates in its latest version, a new option in order to compete with services like Skype or Hangouts.


Steps to enable video calls WhatsApp

At the moment, not all devices have the option to make video calls . To enjoy this service, you must download the beta version of the application.
You do not know how to download? You just have to access the official website of WhatsApp or Play Store or App Store and join the community ‘testers’. The testers are those who choose to try out the latest applications for the company assess them and decide whether or not to incorporate them based on their comments.

Once you attached to the program testers have to run the application WhatsApp on mobile and start a conversation with any contact.

This contact must also have the latest version of WhatsApp to accept the video call. If the other person does not have this latest version, you can not be implemented the new service courier service .

If you both have this version, you only have to click on the icon that is shaped phone in the upper right corner . That is when the application offers you the opportunity to make a ‘voice call’ or ‘video call’.

It is still not available in all terminals

Finally, the person with whom you speak must accept the call to video call can be made. Automatically, pressing in video call, the front camera of our terminal will be activated. However, we will have the opportunity to change at any time in the main chamber.

In the event that at first this new option does not appear, it is recommended to uninstall the application and reinstall . After this step, the video call option should appear after you press the call button.

Some terminals may not be compatible with the video call option at the moment. The smartphone with Windows Phone have already incorporated this option while both Android and iOS have begun to introduce it in some of their models.

However, that does not mean that in the future can not take advantage of this new service that WhatsApp will incorporate the vast majority of terminals.