What is Story Behind P500 Tablets in Oman?

Social Media is world in which anything said by anyone if has specific meaning especially related to some kind of warning it will become Viral. Page owner when see the user posted stories that has high number of shares they also post them to their own pages and groups having millions of members. For few weeks back i also got message on my whatsapp group about this pharmaceutical drug called P500 Tablets, which is circulating in all around in Oman.

Now the issue is highlighted by Ministry of Health that why they issued this warning related to the company Apex. These tablets were manufactured by APEX indian company  these tablets are used to relieve pain and fever related issues but people are giving some side effects related to this tablet.

Ministry of Health ensured that the company is not registered in Oman hence they are don’t allow to sell their products in Oman and no one allow to import or distribute this company medicines.

So there is no need to afraid. if the drug(P500) is banned in Oman so why the news is so much circulating.

Paracetamol is widely used drug in the world but consuming certain amount can cause side effects. Its side effects includes sweating, appetite loss, nausea, stomach cramps, abdomen tenderness there some more rare side effects could cause by this drug.

Drug Consumption:

According to Drug.com Maximum dose adult is 1 gram 1000mg/2tablets and 4 gram 4000mg/4 tablets. Oversose can cause severe damage to liver.