Want to Change Kafeel or leaving Job than Upload CV on Kawadir

Saudi Arabia is doing some harsh changes in employment of expatriates especially Saudization but its not mean Saudi Arabia is doesn’t taking care of skilled and talented expats.  Ministry of Labor and Social Development launched a new job/hiring website for both expatriates and employers. This website is كوادر عمل kawadir.com.sa which helps  expatriate who were just losing job or want to change sponsor can now upload their CV on Kawadir from where many employers in Saudi Arabia sees labor CV and contact worker for interview hence without going back expat will able to get new job.

Kawadir Labor Registration Portal

Expatriates Requirement of Registration on Kawadir:

  1. Those expatriates can join this website having expired residence permit(IQAMA)
  2. Expatriates who have not obtained residence permits 3months after entering the Kingdom

Employers Requirement of Registration on Kawadir:

  1. The employer have must have higher Natiqat Category.
  2. The must have first told their expat employee before uploading his CV.

So let see how Expatriate having expired resident iqama or not have iqama after entering in ksa for 3 months can Upload their CV on KAWADIR.com.sa Portal to get a job.

Change Job Without Approval of Kafeel 

Expatriates Registration Procedure:

  1. To Register with Kawadir expat must be complied with above requirements.
  2. Go to official website of MOL Kawadir which is https://www.kawadir.com.sa/en
  3. Now if ther language of kawadir is Arabic Change it to English
  4. Click on Job Seekers Click Here to go to Registration Page. kawadir-registration
  5. Click on I’m new Job Seekerkawadir-registration-2
  6. Now fill the details with iqama Number if you don’t have Iqama number than enter border number and your Employer/Kafeel Id number to get Register.kawadir-registration-3
  7. Now after complete registration login to your account using Job Seekers Click Here.
  8. Search for new Job and Apply for Them. You find a whole fully integrated Dashboard with Email Alerts.