SR10,000 reward Who Identitify This Man

Anyone who identify this man wearing pajamas will be given with SR 10,000 Reward this is said by Employees of Madinah Municipality. They said that this main is tried to enter in municipality building wearing pajamas. The picture of this man wearing pajamas is now getting huge shares on Social Media


According to employees than man is trying to damage reputation of administration of Madinah Municipality. The photo show that man is preparing to  enter in building

Many employees were really serious to catch this man and want to identify this person even former employees were also taking this issue seriously.

The municipality said that it is must be from our staff but no one from building and outside is able to identify this man,

Lawyer Muhammad Saeed Said that for publishing a photo without knowledge of a person and defaming municipality I am willing to file case against municipality.

He said those who do these types of thing may face sr 500,000 fine and 1 year jail.