SR 300 Fine for Not Stopping for Disabled Persons

Drivers who didn’t stop while someone who is disabled or having any type of injury crossing the road fined with SR300 or in serious cases imprisonment or both. Source close to the General Directorate of Transport in the Makkah newspaper.

Motorist Usually bother to stop or slow down vehicle even a normal person tries to cross the in case their no zebra  crossing or bridge. Some wide hearted drivers see the as his duty and stop his vehicle to give the room for pedstrians to cross the road. Special persons take more time to cross the road compare to normal persons. Driver keep running his vehicle and didn’t stop it which fear the disable person to cross the road.

The law intiates the motorist that disable persons were also now part of law hence they must stop or slow down the vehicle when someone disable coming to cross the road.

This is clearly a violation of law and a violation of pedestrian crossing rules. Officer may record the violation or any other citizen can also report the violation to Traffic Department.

Meanwhile, the Al-Riyadh daily has reported that the Passport Department in Qassim

Launched a new service for Disable and special persons through which a special drive-through-service is made in which disable persons don’t even need to come out from their vehicle in order to process documents for getting their passports. This initiative is really unique and usually available only in most developed country.

Saudi Gazatte