Saudi Arabia to Increase Fee of Seven Services

Saudi to increase fees for seven services

Saudi Government is looking to cut the 50% subsidy implemented 3 years ago by cabinet to increase the non-oil revenue. Almost 193 other items were also included from which prize caps were removed.

With effect from October 2 the 50 percent subsidy is no more for these seven services:

Car driving license,
Car transfer, traffic violations,
Renewal of residence permits (iqama) for domestic workers
Tariff (customs) protection for 193 Items

Kingdom is constantly reviewing its major sectors especially Human Resource to complete the budget deficit which  becoming low due to huge drop in Oil revenue. Also Saudi Government Himself taking steps to reduce state spending for coping up with prolonged decrease in Oil Revenue.

Most of Saudi Expats already knows about the increase in visa fees and Traffic violations Penalties which will operational from october 2. In August  Cabinet approved new charges for municipal services which were also to be implemented within 90 days. These suggestions were given by Ministries of Finance, Economy and Planning to boost state revenues.

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Source: Arabnews

 Saudi Arabia to remove subsidies for 7 services