Ramadan Date in UAE 2018

Ramadan Date UAE 2016

Ramadan 2018 in UAE

Islam is considered as UAE official Religion and it is no doubt that Muslims sacrifice eating food during month of RAMADAN and fast until the Sunsets. Ramadan helps human to get courage, clean his soul even all evil in this month is jailed In Ramadan Muslims open heartily gives charity(ZAKAT) to poor persons.Ramadan Date UAE 2016

Date of Ramadan 2018 in UAE

Starting of Ramadan does not work according to Gregorian calendar but you can match  corresponding date with  Islamic Hijri Calendar. According to hijri calendar Ramadan is a 9th month and it starts takes place after moon sighting. According to Islamic Hijri Calendar 2016 is a year 1437 and Ramadan is a 9th month. According to some prominent resources Ramadan 2018 is expected to be take Start after Sunset of 6th June 2016. As according to Islamic calendar day ends after Sunset. But still the date is unclear until the final investigation of Moon sighting to be completed.

UAE usually follow Saudi Arabia in terms of starting date of Ramadan. In Saudi Arabia Moon Sighting committee announced official starting date of Ramadan.

Whereas some countries have their own committees which after sighting moon in their own country announced the date of Ramadan.