Nobel prize Winner Confirms Health Benefits of Fasting

All around the world people knows about Muslims that they fast ones a year for a whole month but Muslims also fast throughout the year expect for few days on which fasting is not allowed to Muslims.

Modern Science and nutrition expert gives many reasons for how Fasting helps human body to function well. In Islam those who fast regularly or complete all days of fasting during ramadan enjoys health benefits as well as rewards of afterlife promised by Allah. Even a special gate is made for those who fast frequently and fulfill all the conditions while on fasting the gate is called Ar Rayyan.


This year’s Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine again affirms that fasting is very beneficial for human health even on cell levels.

Nobile prize winner is Japanese scientist, Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi he discovered the mechanisms of autophagy.

During autophagy, which literally means ‘self-eating’, lysosomes digest worn damaged proteins and other cellular components. In case if Autophagy is not properly processed it led to diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders, type-2 diabetes, and other age-related diseases

So what  Ohsumi showed? He showed that Autophagy required suitable conditions to start the process. Nutrient deprivation is the key activator of autophagy. During fasting our body signal the brain that there is not enough storage of food available and than body start to find old food  storages. At this time Autophagy is start to works, old and damage storage of proteins were break down by cells. After that glucagon starts his work in response to low insulin level this start cleaning the body from dead and damaged cells .

If you eat little amount of food the Autophagy process stops.

To complete the process of autophagy body needs absence of food for almost 12 hours which is average duration of fasting of the Muslims.

So it means that every Muslims who fast ones a year cleanse his body from toxins and dead cells. This is miracle of Ramadan which not only cleanse our sins but charge up our body for whole year.