Health insurance in considered as important document in Saudi Arabia and it is must be provided by every employer to his workers and also to his worker’s dependents and family. As health insurance is responsibility of Sponsor so in case if insurance is not issued to any worker or his family/dependents than sponsor/employer may face  ban on recruitment  of any employees.check health insurance expiry in ksa

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) has make an inspection team with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to check for those employees who didn’t make health insurance for their employees and his dependents.

The health insurance must for all employees expatriates and saudi citizens. Severe penalties will be imposed on those who did not follow the rules and not make insurance for their employees. Also this could make any sponsor temporary or permanently ban from recruiting employees.

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CCHI is constantly improving his services, also makes the process of getting Health insurance really easy that with just few documents anyone could get health insurance for his workers and dependents.

Also if employers didn’t pay fines for his previous violations he may not allowed to get health insurance for his new employees. Sponsors must first follow the labor law and than allowed to give more insurances for his employees.

From this month first phase of CCHI starts one-contract health insurance policy for all private sector worker and for their family also in which CCHI tries to protect the rights of every employee who insured and improve the services given under this health insurance. This phase continues for three months after that second phase will be started. There are four phases introduced by cchi.

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If you are employee must ask your sponsor for health insurance if not given and tell them about the inspection of MOL As Article 14 and 4 of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance gives right of health insurance to you and in case sponsor fails to give insurance, CCHI may force him to do so, if still he continue to ignore health insurance issuance he may face life time ban and temporary ban to recruit new employees.