No Single Entry Fee of SR2000 for Permanent Family Visa

No Single Entry Visa Fee for Permanent Family Visa

A good news for expatriates who were profession eligible to get permanent Family visa in Saudi Arabia, mainly these expatriates are professionals and high skilled individual. As you know about recent visa fee change starts from 2nd october. Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia really shocked about Family Visit Visa fee which is increased to Saudi Riyal 2000 hence many expatriates especially those having less income might feel difficult to bring their family in SAudi Arabia on Visit Visa but the Good news is for those who have Profession eligible to Permanent Family Visa as there is no change in Permanent Family Visa and these profession also have high income which enable to bring family here even after paying SR 2000.

Permanent Family Visa Fee Not Changed

How To Apply for Permanent Family Visa Online

This fee of permanent visa is already SR 2000 which may confuse with current change in Single Entry visa. Actually Single Entry Visa fee must have to pay before entering in Saudi Arabia while fee for permanent family visa has to be paid before application approval because the receipt of the payment 2000 RS is one of the papers you have to give for the application

Here is the summary of Visa Change Implemented from OCT 2

New Family Visit Visa Fee of SR2000

SR 2000 Family Visit Visa Fee

Kingdom to Increase the Fee of These SEVEN Services

Family Visit Visa is a type of Single entry visa that is why the fee of Family Visit visa is changed to SR 2000. Also this Visa fee is levied for per passport if you applied for 6 member of family you have to pay SR 2000 per Passport. 

The  fee is for all nationalist aspect for those countries having bilateral agreements with KSA on Visa Fee.