No More Expatriates Street Vendors in Oman

Oman Street Vendors Ban

Expatriates were not able to work as Street Vendors in Oman According to Ministry of Commerce and industry Oman. That Means that licence for Street Vendor were only be given to Omanis not expatriates. There are huge number of expatriates living in Oman and usually laborers  after finishing their regular job runs specific street business on the corners of the street. But according to Times of Oman report Expatriates are banned to install Street shops.

Oman Street Vendors Ban

According to regulation these 14 street vendor businesses where Expatriates don’t get license 

Selling of fresh fruits

vegetables and dates

silver works and gifts

perfumes and cosmetics

toilet soap and frankincense

trading in textile and garments

pottery and handicrafts honey beverages

sale of popcorn

repair, denting and painting of vehicles

sales of gas

installation and repair or electrical works and alarm systems

copying and printing of documents services,

organizing of tours and setting up meat grill (barbecue) outlets

Street Vendor License:

To install the business street Vendors need to obtain official licence Permit from Ministry of Commerce and Industry and required to approved by other authorities.

The main thing is that applicant is must be Omani and the validity of this license is one year. And than renewed before expiry of license 30 days before.

The licence holder must not be expatriate even expatriate employ. Also Street vendor must took mild ways for marketing those vendors who uses loud voices and disturbed the community their license will be cancelled.
No Street vendor Near School and Hospital

In the report it is also mentioned that street vendors were banned and not allowed to setup their business near Schools and hospitals. All things used in business must be registered such as vehicles and if the business is related to food than the quality is must be maintained without anytype of unhealthy stuff.