New Rate List For Barber, Laundry Shops Hotels And Slaughter houses Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs(MOMRA) handle all of the muncipalties in kingdom including jeddah, makkah and riyadh. MOMRA also handles responsibility of urban planning for cities in the Kingdom and the implications of that of the provision of roads and basic equipment, improve and beautify the cities and the development of municipal and rural areas in addition to the management services necessary to maintain a cleaner and healthier environment in the Kingdom.

Here are some screenshots taken which includes New Rate List For Barber shops, Laundry Shops Hotels And Slaughter houses Saudi Arabia. The list is in Arabic So some one who understand Arabic Kindly please mention the translation below in comment Section.

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa Updates

Slaughterhouses Rates


Barber Shop Rates






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