New Expat Monthly Fee Rules for Exit Reentry, Iqama Renewal

Most Saudi Banks are now integrating new dependent monthly iqama fee in Saudi Arabia as soon as July starts. Many Expatriates who were going out of country with families try to issue exit reentry but they can’t due to error, which ask sponsor to pay dependent iqama fee before applying exit re entry.

Must Clears the Dues:

After implementation of new fees it now mandatory for every expat family person tp pay the fee in order to continue using the services.

The fee of exit re entry visa for 2 month is SAR 200 and 100 SAR for more months adding.

As i told you before to use services provided by Kingdom family sponsor need to clear all due on him, dependent fee is now also become main thing, So in to get Final Exit still you need to clear these dues.

Iqama Renewal:

The fee must be paid in order to Renew iqama in case if sponsor already renew iqama of family this or previous month than they still need to pay dependent tax.

In case iqama expiry date is just near than you need to pay renewal and dependent fee both.

Iqama Renewal Fee: SR 500 for family

For Work: SAR 650

Dependent Fee(YEARLY)

Till june 2018 SAR 1200

June 2019 SAR 2400

June 2020 SAR3600