Changes in Bahrain Visa Rules and Policies 2016

Bahrain is launching a unique long term visa having validity of 5 years which is only given to citizens of specific countries(Canada – UK – Ireland – USA). This visa is for countries from where most of tourist is came to Bahrain. Long terms visa strategy will boost and attract the tourist activity in Bahrain hence this will positively affect business activities.

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Shaikh Ahmed bin Isa Al-Khalifa Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs in press conference announced several major changes in visa rules in accordance with ruling of cabinet.

Morever Bahrain is considering to revise longer term visitor visa rule for almost 114 countries including GCC residents. Five Year Visit Visa is also available for specific countries whom visitors will beneficial for Bahraini Economy.

Here are some more changes in Visa rules:

  1. Single Entry Visa will allow up to two-week stay
  2. one-year multi-entry visa will enable for a stay period of up to 90 days
  3. US, Canada, UK and Ireland gain a longer stay period for the five-year multiple reentry visa
  4. Visa holders will now be able to stay for 90, instead of 30, days on one year multiple entry
  5. 30 days stay on 3 months multiple entry visa

Longer term visa duration is really beneficial in many ways, longer stay means more spending by visitors also this will give competitive environment for business related to tourism industry. Bahrain also try not increase visa fee but instead visa fees were reduced in the aim to attract more visitors.

This huge ease in visa policies brings in major competition among other gulf regions.