Fine for Owners if Expatriates Working in Mobile Shops

From September 2 every labor in Telecom industry must be replaced by Saudi National due to complete saudization of Telecom Industry this decision were made earlier this year by ministry of Labor and Social Development of Saudi Arabia. After expiration of September 2 deadline it is illegal to work on Mobile Shops if you are expatriate. Also the employee himself not to be fined for the violation instead employer is fined with 20,000 Saudi Riyals for hiring the expatriate worker in Mobile Shops.

SR20,000 fine for every foreigner in mobile shop

Ministry of Labor and Social Development notified the owners of mobile shop that in case the violation is repeated the fine will be doubled.

According to a tweet posted by the ministry’s spokesperson, Khaled Abal Khail, “violators of the Saudization program will be fined SR20,000, a sum that multiplies with the number of violations. The fine will be doubled in case of a repeat violation, and there will be additional penalties imposed by other ministries affected by the decision.”

MoL stricly implementing saudization of Telecom industry and inspection teams visits mobile shops to catch violations on daily basis.

Ministry also issues complaint number from which people reports violation the number is 19911 the report could also be make through website