Expected Amendments to Kuwait Traffic Fines and Visa Fees

All Gulf Countries are already planning to implement VAT form 2018 which implies huge effect on expats, Kuwait is also one of them, now Kuwait National Assembly in its session on March 14 is planning to discuss proposal of increasing various services fees related to expat residency permits, family visa fees and traffic violation fines. Health Services related fee may also expected to be discussed in this session.

MOI Kuwait already makes it arrangements regarding the amendments to the residency law of expatriates as well as traffic law, these amendment after approval makes fee and charges of various government services increased.

The Amendment related to Residency Laws

Sheltering Marginal Labor Force KD 1000

Laborers Works for other sponsor other than their own KD 2 to KD 4 per day fine.

Dependent Visa Fee for Spouse (Wife husband) KD 200

Family visa Fee for Children KD 150 Per Child

Visit Visa Fee from KD 2 to KD 30 having 3 months validity

Traffic Fines Changes:

It is expected that these amendment will double the traffic fines stated in Article 37 and Article 38 of Kuwait Traffic laws. These violation are starting from KD 15 expected to increased to KD 20 while KD 25 violations may increases to KD 30.

These are some of the Current Fines may expected to increase.

Download Full List of Current Kuwait Traffic Laws with Fines