Employers to pay a fine of SR 1000 if they fail to renew the iqamas

The late renewal of iqama is common violation by employers in Saudi Arabia, many worker came in to kingdom have to make their iqama within 90 days but in case if their employer didn’t make the iqama they have two choices, to change sponsor or to go back to their home country while all money invested will be lost. How to get to know if you don’t know the name of Sponsor Check Iqama Kafeel Name 

According to Jawazat making of Iqama and than renewing it is responsibility of Sponsors if they do not do this before expiry date they have to pay fine.

Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) set 500 SAR fine in case if iqama is not renewd three days before expiry date.

This fine will be get higher to SAR 1000 if the violation in not or late making of iqama and renewal is committed second time. On third time the worker will be deported to his home country.

Jawazat will take action against companies and employers employ illegal worker also violating Saudization. Do you know that you can be check iqama expiry date online Muqeem/Iqama Expiry Date Online.

First Time Violation of hiring Illegal worker is Fine SAR 25000, recruitment ban of one year, deportation of HR, Public Relation officer (PRO), manager if he is expat if the violation happens again the fine will increased to SAR 50,000.

In case if the employer or companies facing delay of renewal or issuance of iqama due to Shamoon virus they might be exempted from fine under the request of MOL made to National Information Center. Get Alert on Mobile Phone of Iqama Expiry