Passengers Claim SR 300 for Each Hour of Flight Delay Saudi Arabia

Airlines will 300SR Compensation for Passenger if Flight Delays

Passenger travelling from Saudi Arabian Airports is now able to claim compensation amount of 300 SR per hour in case the airline delayed the flight. The compensation is valid for almost 10 hours which means that if Airline delay flight for 10 hours passenger get compensation of 3000SR. This offer is only valid if Airline didn’t able to announce revised schedule for take off. 

If airline announced new take off of time before completing of first compensation hour you didn’t get compensation.

The article which gives detail about compensation is Article number 4 of GACA General Authority of Civil Aviation’s Consumer Protection Regulation. The Article 4 states that “In the event that the air carrier does not announce the new possible time for take-off, the carrier must, in addition to providing the care required, compensate the consumer with an amount of SR300 for each hour’s delay, provided that such compensation does not exceed SR3,000.”

Passenger 300SR Compensation for Passenger if Flight Delays

If flight is delayed for more than six hour Airline also facilitate passengers with hotel rooms.

These rule and regulations were made to protect the rights of passenger and gives them comfortable way to travel from Saudi Arabia. These regulation push airlines to compensate their passengers in case of flight delays.

Most of time passenger not aware of these rights. When flight delays people not claim any compensation as they don’t know. If passenger ask of compensation in case of delay the airline must be always cautious and not cause any delay.