Best Way to Afford Dependent Fee Without Going Out from KSA

New dependent fee has its own downsides but some good things were also happening after implementation of dependent fee. Saudi Arabia economy is in constant disturbance and budget deficits are growing due to fall of oil prices since 2015, the new dependent fee will add 2.6 Billion Dollar  to Saudi Economy in first financial year.

The new fee making expatriates living with families upset but the good news is that house/flat owners in fear that people might fly out from Saudi Arabia, reduces there rent up to 300 Saudi riyals in average.

Many expats instead of getting panic try to make ways to pay the dependent fee at least for first years, one of the top way is to ask house owners to reduce rent at least equal to monthly 100 Saudi Riyal.

One more thing which making Saudi residents to reduce rent is Availability of Tenants. Most of Saudi Nationalists have their own home it not necessary for them to look and get house on rent. As many expats with families now thinking to move from Saudi Arabia there is fear in House Rental businesses that if expats with families gone away than their will be no one or only few people might get House/flats on Rents hence reduction in their overall income.

Not only that many business on order to retain customer primary expats reduces their prices even school fee and insurance industry might also give discounts to expats with families.

Expats living with each other in one building putting pressure on its building owner to reduce the rent otherwise we all leave from your building.

We Got this Suggestion from a Arab News Story

The comments on that post is now make hidden because expats were constantly giving suggestions to avoid the new dependent fee here is some of them. To See comments use wayback machine page:

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