Amnesty Schemes will Confined from Wed

After giving a long period to violators of residency law, the amnesty scheme is breathing its last breath, after Wednesday no one is allowed to freely go from Saudi Arabia if committed any violation related to residency laws. Saudi Ministry of interior will take strict action against those who were residing in Kingdom illegally or without any proof of stay.

The amnesty period is one of the longest in the year 2017 and huge expat population freely goes out from Saudi Arabia without any kind of fines or jail. The whole campaign is called as A Nation Without Violators which is still ongoing but from Nov 15 converted in to aggressive form as Authorities will punish violators.

The whole amnesty period is initiated from March 25th 2017, due to so much problems and issues faced by authorities in handling as well as huge numbers of expat the amnesty scheme is extended 2 or more time, at the end it is specifically extended first for Indians than other nationalities