800 Telecom Estaiblishment Closed Down that Unable to Saudize

According to Saudi Gazatte, one Source says that MOL Ministry of labor and Social development office documented 41 violations of Saudization laws, these violations occurs in several governates in eastern province. More than that almost 800 telecom service shops and mobiles sellers were shut down that were unable to meet saudization requirements.

During the inspection visits at areas of Hafr Al-Batin, Al-Khobar, Jubail, Abqaiq, Qatif, Al-Ahsa, Ras Tanourah and Dammam, inspectors inspects total of 4,953 establishments from which only 2,023 of mobile shops were running while 1,738 were employed in them.

800 Telecom Estaiblishment Closed Down that Unable to Saudize

While Jazan  Labor and Social Development Office Telecommunication Saudization Committee visits and inspect more than 70 telecom related shops said Committee Head Mohammad Al-Laghbi. The committee report more than 50 violation, illegal expat worker were handed over to respect authorities for further investigation. There almost 83 telecom jobs were available in Jazan region for Saudis.

Telecom Saudization program gives more employment oppurtunities to Saudis and make the unemployment rate lower. Howeve it takes some time while there is shortage of mobile repairers as most of expatriates were more skilled in this regard. This led to several telecommunication shops reaching agreements with expatriate technicians who will work from home