478 Expatriates Medical Professionals in KSU lose their Job

There is high concentration of expatriates Medical professionals working in Saudi Arabia on various medical jobs. Many of expatriates even their second generation is also works in KSA on medical field, many doctors that were highly qualified were working in KSA for a long time they not only treat people but also teaches Saudi Students. Recently in King Saud University where expatriates medical professionals also dominates they have to lose their job due to non-renewal of their contracts. This happens after Ministry of Civil Service refuse to renew their Job contracts.

The university itself wants to renew the contracts but civil service said that these expatriates working in university for long time and there is no shortage of Qualified Saudis which will now to be hire in replace for them.

King Saud University made request to Ministry of civil service for 516 expatriates employees contract renewals which were working in KSU since 10 years.

Civil service just renew the contracts of 31 consultant and assistant doctors while rest 478 will not be entertained to continue their service.

Saudi Postgraduate degree holders finding jobs in various Medical fields demands Civil service to review the contracts of expatriate working in Universities. As according to civil service requirements the minimum contract period for work not exceed more than 10 years.