3 Month Amnesty Scheme for Illegal Residents in Qatar

Respective Authorities of Qatar given three months grace period to illegal resident and worker in Qatar to Exit the country without facing any legal actions such as fines and punishment.

Visa is an essential requirement to work and reside in Qatar currently like all of ther GCC countries many illegal persons residing without any visa. Many of them are those who violates their sponsor and changes job but to do this they require to get permission from sponsor.

Illegal residents to be granted three-month amnesty to leave Qatar

Domestic workers who quits their job without informing sponsor  these worker are classified as “runaway” or “absconding” employees. These employee face arrest jail or even deportation and ban of re entering again in to qatar.

The statement issue by official Ministry of interior MOI Qatar twitter account which give 3 months grace period to illigal resident and ask them to report Search & Follow Up department between Sept. 1 and Dec. 1 of this year. Hours are 2pm to 8pm, Sunday to Thursday.