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Book Appointment with Jawazat in Amnesty Scheme

Upon starting of amnesty scheme from March 29 huge queues starts to build up in front of Jawazat Offices all around kingdom, the violators of residency and labor laws get benefit from amnesty scheme and respectfully go back to their home countries and came back on new visa as well …

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Citizens and expatriates of Saudi Arabia can check their available funds under his iqama using online absher service provided by MOI Saudi Arabia. These funds were useful for online transactions against various services provided by gov. These funds were deposited by expatriate himself through bank or ATM and Online banking …

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Activate Absher Account on Self Service Kiosk Machine

After registration of Absher Account Online you need to Activate there are several methods to activate MOI absher account in Saudi Arabia one way is activating is through SELF SERVICE KIOSK MACHINES. If you still not able to register Abshir account through Ministry on Interior Website than you could visit any …

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MOI Abshir Service Activation

After completing the registration of account on Moi Absher online service you have to activate account through using online bank account, ATM machines, self service kiosk, and Jawzat offices. Activating your online absher moi account can serve you a lot of benefits with reliable system of MOI.gov.sa. Advantages provided by this …

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MOI KSA Ministry of interior Saudi Arabia

moi ksa iqama

Today we will screen out the information about MOI KSA what is its purpose in KSA and what services is provided by MOI KSA to the Saudi Iqama holders. The Wikipedia states that MOI in Saudi Arabia is responsible for national security, naturalization, immigration and customs in Saudi Arabia. The Headquarters …

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