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Procedure to Change NAME on Iqama of KSA

Iqama is a identity card which shows details about your name, profession in Saudi Arabia if the name is misspelled or of some other person than its means that iqama does not belong to you. Iqama which is now called muqeem card is a lifeline of every expat in KSA those who got iqama can legally get resident in KSA as well as all other benefits but this sensitive card having wrong information can create problems for you. In case of any kind of spelling mistakes or wrong information written on iqama holder must contact Saudi authorities to rectify the problem.

The other things which you must consider while making of iqama that the name written on you passport, certificates, degrees, marriage certificate must match with you iqama as whenever in any case you have to show your iqama and passport or any other document must have matching names written on them. Double check your name on iqama while applying always take your passport name with yourself while applying for iqama and give them correct name which was written on your passport.

Procedure for Correction of name on Iqama/Muqeem Card

1. Must ask you sponsor to change the name on iqama or if you are working in company contact the Government relation office(GRO) as iqama is responsibly of your sponsor.
2. If your name in Arabic is wrong to correct Arabic spelling you still have to contact you sponsor or Company GRO then they will take your case to Jawazat office and rest of corrections were done in Jawazat.
3. After that your sponsor kafeel or company GRO can apply for IQAMA Renewal after that you can receive your new iqama.

Check You Iqama Card Expiry on MOI KSA

Always remember this is a serious issue if you delay the process there is always chance of some kind of trouble. Many of expats face this problem while profession change or attestation of degrees.

  • Awais

    Hello My brother is residing in saudi arabia for about 14 years and his name on passport is different from the both english and arabic names on iqama he went to his sponsor and ask him to change but the sponsor need the first passport on which the visa was stamped but he made a tanazil(transfer) before 3 years and his old sponsor is dead and he is not able to get his first passport which is required by the new sponsor to file a case in jawazat. any solution to this problem?

    • Khurram Shahzad

      Try to contact your embassy that if they give you a copy of your old passport

  • How to fix iqama mistake issue i mean how can i change my name and image

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