MOI KSA Ministry of interior Saudi Arabia

moi ksa iqama

Today we will screen out the information about MOI KSA what is its purpose in KSA and what services is provided by MOI KSA to the Saudi Iqama holders. The Wikipedia states that MOI in Saudi Arabia is responsible for national security, naturalization, immigration and customs in Saudi Arabia. The Headquarters …

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Apply UAE Visit Visa For GCC Residents

The nationalists and Expatriates who were residents of GCC countries can now provided with online system through which they can get entry permit for UAE through Dubai. As GCC residents facing various problems when entring in to UAE so, this online system make the entry of GCC residents lot more …

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Check HUROOB Status On MOI

huroob status on

Huroob a word means meaning same as hell as those who were called as Huroob faces many legal restrictions from government of Saudi Arabia. Huroob are usually those persons who were working in Saudi Arabia and flea from their work without telling his sponsor. His sponsor gave the name of …

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