Women Only Telecom Complex of 40 Stores in Riyadh

Women Telecom complex riyadh

Taking in view of Importance of Women employment Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Development officially launches first women only telecom complex in Ghurnatah, eastern Riyadh. This complex only enable for women and have only Saudi women employees totally 100 percent, this complex provide fully design facilities suitable for women …

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No More Unlimited Internet Plans in Saudi Arabia

The CITC( Communications and Information Technology Commission) make a decision for stopping sale of Unlimited Internet Packages. According to CITC decision the sale of unlimited internet plans will be stopped from next week. CITC also applied this to all service operators and informed to all sources. In the first Phase …

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Reduction of Salaries, Allowances, No motor insurance


Released yesterday (Monday) four royal decrees towards the rationalization of government spending, which included reducing the salary of the ministers and other same ranks(20%), and rewards for the Shura Council (15%), and the annual subsidy payable to ministers for the purposes of housing and furniture reduced to(15%), 15% reduction of the amount paid to …

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Saudi Arabia to Increase Fee of Seven Services

Saudi to increase fees for seven services

Saudi Government is looking to cut the 50% subsidy implemented 3 years ago by cabinet to increase the non-oil revenue. Almost 193 other items were also included from which prize caps were removed. With effect from October 2 the 50 percent subsidy is no more for these seven services: Ports Passports …

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