Subscribers of Mobily and STC always want to check the speed of internet connection provided by MOBILY and STC so that they can measure and also compare with other companies and packages. Speed test results are important in many terms as fast connection means better streaming of videos and increase load speed of web pages whereas more speed of internet connection means increase in satisfaction of subscriber to his company. As all of Saudi Arabians knows that STC and Mobily are always top  among telecom companies and provide up to merit services to its customers but still speed of internet is matter a lot to customers and low internet performance means negative impact on subscribers. Internet connection is not only a main factor of speed but it is also on package subscribed as well as model or specification of mobile. 4g connection means faster speed than 3g connection hence the prize of package subscription may also varies.How to Check Speed of STC and Mobily Internet Connection.


 Bayanat Al oula Speed Test:

It is a Data subsidiary company of Mobily Eithad Etisalat and provide range of Network services of broad categories from local to international level. The services of Bayanat al oula inculdes bandwidth, connectivity services, wireless, VAS, fibler optics and international bandwidth allocations. Speed test is also a small service provided by this company which is official speed test for mobily users but this can also be used by other networks like STC and Zain

Check Mobily Speed from Bayanat Mobily STC Speed Test


Always on the top of Google this speed test web application is one of the oldest internet speed test service provided on Internet. also have Android and IOS application through which anyone can test his speed of internet connect from his own mobile. To use speed go to their web address and click on the Begin Test button after that the flash application starts which calculate your ping speed, download and upload speed at the end the detail result is visible on the screen. Not satisfied than start again as it is completely free.

What are Mobily Internet Packages in KSA?

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