Mobily Mobile Internet Packages

Mobily-internet-packages (1)Mobily is a second largest telecom service provider in Saudi Arabia it is a UAE based company and a brand of Eithad Etisalat. Mobily also own very large network of fiber cable in Saudi Arabia. Mobily also hold latest generation of Data service that were 3g and 4g Enjoy these mobily packages of internet having blazing speed. All of the packages and their detail subscription codes and un-subscription codes.


In following table you’ll see package name, subscription code also prizes, time days and unsubscription codes.
mobily internet packages
How to Subscribe to Mobily internet packages
Send  [shortcode] for your package chosen from the table above to 1100
Call 1100
Visit one of our Mobily stores (which one is the closest to me?)
Find  your Internet settings
Text ‘2’ to 1100
Use the Mobily menu command *1100# (from left to right)
Or follow the steps based on your device type detailed below:

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