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Luxurous Brands Perfumes Store in Riyadh

Perfumes in our daily life make our personality attractive to others, even most popular ones can get you into their heart after smelling the scent we put to us. Luxuries brands of perfumes were not easy to find in case of ones is quality conscious there are many stores of fragrance in Riyadh but getting a high prized luxury perfume put us in to puzzle. Asking people where we can buy perfumes like Byredo, Le Labo, and Heeley or Gulf most favorites Nasomatto and Une Nuit a Bali so their answer is experience of their own shopping but as we are providing the information so the store where all of luxury scents will be available in Riyadh is o-100. 

O100° shelf are full with the scents that were not just exclusive but those that can not easily to be find. Offcourse the luxuries ones are on top of their shelf and visible. Each scent is totally genuine with artisanal, boldness, creativity and quality.

Chiocing perfume is an art which anyone can get after experience but 0100 guides and have reserved tailored space for judging the creativity of scent. O100° has experience Paris trained staff which know every aspect and mind of others which helps you to find the best possible match, the saleman might also tells you the history of chosen perfume.

The store has collection of perfumes that were even rarely found or sold as limited edition. The expertise working their helps in getting the right perfume that suits your personality even you didn’t know anything.

FIND 0 one hundred at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onehundred.degrees.5

Website: http://www.o-100.com/

O100°, Boutique # 10, Akaria Plaza, Olaya Street, Olaya, Riyadh , KSA
CALL US +966 112 931 119
EMAIL US info@o-100.com

List of Brands at O100°

Anna Rivka
Antonio Alessandria Parfums
Astier De Villatte
Atelier Flou
Atelier Cologne
Diana Vreeland
Histoires de Parfums
Keiko Mecheri
L’artisan Parfumeur
Laboratorio Olfattivo
Lampe Berger
La Manufacture des Châteaux
Le Labo
Liaison de Parfum
Liquides Imaginaires
Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Majda Bekkali
Maria Lux
Marcel Franck
Making of Cannes
Mona Di Orio
Naomi Goodsir Parfums
Orto Parisi
Olfactive Studio
Parfum D’empire
Philly and Phill
Pozzo di Borgo
Room 1015
Tiziana Terenzi
Une Nuit a Bali


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