LMRA.BH express service is a ready fast and express service to check various information about work permit of Bahrain Online through online integrated system. Lmra.bh provides express services for expatriates living in Bahrain on work visa. Through express services of lmra.bh bahrain anyone can check their work visa application status, information about validity and legality about work permit online. There are several ways to check work visa permit online lmra bahrain I’ll already give detail information about check work visa permit online on lmra.bh website through expatriate passport number if the work permit is on application status for those who want to check work permit online validity can just enter work permit number.

lmra bh express services

Also lmra.bh express service allow expatriates to check the legality of their work permit or visa and status of resident in Bahrain online. Just enter ID card number of your id in Bahrain and the check the visa. You can also check you work visa online on lmra.bh using passport number.

How to Check Work Permit on Lmra.bh:

  1. Go and visit lmra.bh official express services portal here.
  2. Now you will be able to see several tabs i.e Work Permit, Identity Card, Application ID, Passport.
  3. If you want to check you legal status in Bahrain Click on Identity Card
  4. To check information about your work permit click on Work permit and enter work permit number.
  5. If you want to check Application status of you Work permit click on Application ID.
  6. Also you can check you Work Visa Permit Information and details by using Passport number

lmra.bh express services

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