List of Real Estate Companies in Dubai, UAE

A real estate is a business dedicated to the purchase and sale of properties (houses, commercial buildings, mansions, farms, etc). For this reason, sometimes it comes to property management, ie all operations related to this activity. All of you definitely knows about real estate business of UAE in my perspective Real Estate is a Major Pillar of non-oil economy of UAE. The boost of this industry is due to Government high quality facilities which were provided to its citizens and expats hence merely everyone especially rich persons of the world want to own property in UAE and its emirates especially in Dubai.

What a realtor is dedicated

The job of a real estate agent is basically represent clients. In this sense, you can exercise the representation of four people:

1) represents the landlord, ie, the legal owner of a property (for example, who owns a local and want to rent it)

2) represents a vendor, the person or entity owns a property to sell,

3) represents the buyer, who intends to acquire a property for any purpose (for example, wants to buy an apartment to live in it) and

4) represents the tenant, who intends to use a property for a specified period (eg, a commercial premises to establish their own business). Consequently, a real estate agent for a customer is one who receives a service in exchange for money.

We must emphasize the idea that the real estate agent does not sell floors but sell their legal owners

The work of the agent is the intermediary, since it acts as intermediary between buyers and sellers of real estate. In this sense, the actions carried to term a real estate agent are very diverse: locate owners who rent or sell their property, engage owners seeking the services of a real estate, locate buyers or sellers through an advertising strategy or organize visits for potential buyers.

An important aspect in the real estate management is the management of purchase or lease contracts in which the property manager represents his client and should try to get the best possible conditions in the purchase or sale of a property. Do not forget that this type of activity is linked with documentation specific, some specialized consultants and with certain trading strategies.

Property management is a name generic and practice each company is dedicated to a specific sector. The most common is renting second – hand housing, but there are other sectors (luxury mansions or commercial).

Today the estate usually have a web page which shows their services and properties that are for sale or for rent. Customers who access these pages have all the information you need: photos of the property, price, condition of the property, its size, location, etc.

First you should know that you can enter the business in four different ways although some require capital investment these are:
As a Real Estate Broker: This is the person who is engaged to negotiate the purchase and sale or rental of land, houses, buildings or apartments . Also called brokers, their business is finding customers to sell or rent the property to someone who does not want or does not have the ability or contacts to negotiate and earn a commission for this work that is proportional to the value of the property. In all countries there are associations of brokers that provide training and exchange network of contacts to the success of its members. It also has the huge advantage that you can work it independently, you do not need capital and you can generate good profits without relying on agents office.
As an investor: the person who has a good capital to buy and resell properties. Usually this person takes advantage of the discounts in prices or offers of those who sell their homes or land to buy and resell for a higher price thus obtaining an almost immediate utility. Its business also includes often remodel or improve houses or apartments to dramatically increase their selling price. The disadvantage is that smell and experience required for successful investments and minimize risk.
As Urbanizer: very similar to the investor, is refer to people or companies that have the ability to acquire large tracts of land for remembrances on small plots and sell them to customers grassroots level. Its success is to acquire the properties at very low prices, develop and resell thereby obtaining huge profits.
Builder: although in the latter case the business is more focused on building, also it has a lot to do with the real estate market as its main clients are investors who require their services for the construction of houses, condominiums or offices for sale or rent . Its usefulness comes from the construction of housing units at low cost.
Of course, like all businesses, the real estate market has its risks, high and low. To pursue this business is indispensable persevering attitude, devoted many hours to the attention of customers and a complete sales orientation . If you are willing to pay this price, you expect huge economic satisfactions.List of Real Estate companies in Dubai

List of Real Estate Companies in Dubai

Serial No. Company Name Agency Website
1 Deja Vu Real Estate – Real Estate Agency in Dubai UAE Official Website
2 Damac Properties Official Website
3 Meraas Development Official Website
4 Meraas Holding LLC Official Website
5 Remax Properties Official Website
6 Terra Casa Real Estate Official Website
7 Sindh Homes Real Estate Official Website
8 Arenco Real Estate Official Website
9 Prestige Real Estate Official Website
10 Provident Real Estate Dubai Official Website
11 Lannhill Official Website
12 Binayah Real Estate Official Website
13 Ocean View Real Estate Dubai Official Website
14 Allsopp & Allsopp – Real Estate Broker Official Website
15 Top Class Real Estate Broker L.L.C Official Website
17 4 Direction Real Estate Broker Official Website
18 Banke International Properties Dubai Official Website
19 Royal Home Real Estate Dubai Official Website
20 fäm Properties – Dubai Real Estate Brokers  Official Website
21 Roots Land Real Estate Dubai Official Website 
22 Exclusive Links Dubai UAE Official Website 
23 Dubai International Real Estate Official Website 
Emaar Properties
Official Website 

The list is still not ended there is alot of Real Estate companies working in Dubai to meet the customers requirements. Any of our reader of living in Dubai and want us to add name of any other company of Real Estate than its easy to contact us just comment below and we will start our work.

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